Work with Netlink to get?
  • Personalize solution specific to each publisher
  • Supports all desktop and mobile app ad formats
  • Report data updates directly from Google server with real time
  • Diversity of payment methods suitable for publishers' requirements
  • Proposing a reasonable SEO method at the request of the publisher
  • Provide a full range of bidding formats to maximize the best revenue for publishers
Success stories
Founded in 2007 with the goal of connecting publishers with high-quality advertising sources. Up to now, Netlink has always been at the forefront of updating new advertising trends, learning about SEO techniques, and diversifying partners to understand more about domestic and foreign markets. Not only developing products like Google Ad Manager 360, Google AdSense MCM, Google AdExchange MCM and useful SEO tools for publishers. But we are still in the process of developing and expanding the product to be able to meet the needs of users.
Marketing Manager
Suckhoedoisong.vn is the mouthpiece of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Netlink not only creates a reasonable SEO strategy for the website, but we also help double the revenue from advertising the site.
Marketing Manager
As an official news site of the Ministry of Transport, baogiaothong.vn has also doubled its revenue from advertising. The amount of viewability has also changed by almost half as much as before thanks to reasonable SEO techniques.
Marketing Manager
Thethao247.vn is a long-time partner of Netlink and advertising revenue has always kept the best form since the beginning of cooperation.