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Netlink is one of the leading technology companies in the movement to bring digital advertising in Vietnam more professionally. In 2007, founder Steve Nguyen founded Netlink with the goal of creating an A friendly marketplace that connects publishers and developers with high-quality ad networks like Google. To achieve the set goal, we have gathered advertising experts in Vietnam working with two main Google products, Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager. In addition, with great demand from publishers, Netlink has developed an SEO system to support pages to increase traffic. Since then, we are always expanding our system to give our customers a better service. So far, on average, we receive about 500 million impressions on the system every month. That is equivalent to the number of partners reaching more than 500 publishers both domestically and abroad.
  • Established Netlink


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  • Received the Google AdSense Certified Partner


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  • Google Channel Partner


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Technical SEO
Netlink supports all publishers with SEO needs to help increase traffic to the page. With the help of professional SEO techniques, we guarantee you can increase up to 53%
Google AdSense MCM
Maximum control of publishers in Netlink's system
Google Ad Manager 360
Supports mobile apps including games with the latest ad formats.
Google AdExchange MCM
Connect publishers with unlimited ad sources. Offers AdExchange for videos.
Personalized consulting
Each publisher will have a unique need and our goal is to design an appropriate strategy according to individual requirements
Saving resources
Netlink's team are experts ready to help you 24/7. Not only saving human resources, we also save you time to maximize revenue from advertising
Grow With Us
Free web / app analysis