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“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”
Notice a change in your revenue after
30 days
Get a consultation
24 hours
Step 1
After the publisher/developer submits contact information with a link to their website/app, we will conduct a review.
Step 2
Based on the status of your site, we will advise on what can be improved to increase revenue. All you need to do is listen and give your opinion whether you agree with our strategy or not at any point. All are solved in this step.
Step 3
After agreeing on the appropriate strategy and terms for Netlink's customers, customers can test-run ads for one month. After this period, if it feels appropriate, we will proceed to sign a contract for long-term cooperation.
Step 4
To be able to plan your publisher's next steps, we'll need to know what your future plans are. That is the basis for us to find the right advertising method, ready to support and help you overcome all difficulties.
Built for
Google Ad Manager and Google AdSense Publishers
Mobile app publishers and developers
We can help you
Development needs of small, medium to large publishers
Increase revenue from advertising for both websites and apps
Support SEO service according to customer's request
The answer is YES. Netlink has a team of experts ready to assist and guide you specifically on all you need.
Netlink supports worldwide payment for all publishers via bank, the currency will be chosen by the customer. We will pay all customers every 30 days if the payment threshold is reached. In addition, publishers can choose other forms of payment.
We have experience working with all publishers from small to large scale. Provided that the website or application you submit to us is the original owner.
The amount of money you earn from Google Adsense ads is unlimited. You can visit more at this page for more details.
You receive money directly from Google and fully active in the form of payment. At this time, Google has the following types of payments: Check, Wire Transfer, and Western Union Quick Cash.
- Website clean design.
- Website requires 10,000 visit / day or more, English 5000 visit / day or more.
- Do not receive forums (or user generated content sites) that do not censor user content.
- Clean content does not violate copyright, not related to gambling, betting, sex, fraud, ...
- Website without pop-up.
- Adsense account is not Adsense hosted account.
Depending on the quality of the website and the level of cooperation. Netlink's share of AdSense Certified is 75% / 25% (Publisher / Netlink). Revenue will be split automatically from google, you will receive monthly revenue directly from your Google Adsense account. For partners who sign up for additional solutions, the sharing rate will be negotiated directly.
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