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Audio ads- one of Google ads Marketers should try as soon as possible.

Audio ads- one of Google ads Marketers should try as soon as possible.

Realizing that the sound market continues to shift strongly to digital, has opened up more opportunities to reach more audiences and attract their attention in today's advertising market.


According to the Global Music 2019 report of IFPI , the global trend of listening to music on the Audio Streaming platform increased from 48% (2018) to 52% (2019). Audio ads are a unique way to reach customers when they aren't looking at their devices, but are still engaged with content and receptive to brand messages. So first, let's find out with us about 

What are the strengths of Audio Ads compared to Display Ads?

  • The trend of listening to online music has grown strongly

The power of technology has expanded the ability to connect smartphones with other devices to make listening to music simpler and easier. Especially the proportion of young people using mobile phones to listen to music is very high.

  • The hobby of listening to online music combined with the multi-tasking habit opens up great opportunities for brands through screen-less moments

Most people while listening to music will do the same things like studying, exercising, resting, playing games, etc. In such screenless moments, image ads become weaker compared to audio ads that become important now.

  • Music is a great connection between brands and users

Music is a wonderful thing in this world, bringing a lot of emotions to people. When the audience feels the melody of the music, the melodies and sounds of the advertisement will make the listener easier to remember and more impressive, so the ability to recognize the slogan as well as the brand will be higher than the normal advertisement.

  • Reach your target audience more effectively with Audio Ads campaigns

In advertising campaigns on Audio Streaming platforms such as Nhaccuatui, Spotify, Marketer can target the audience they target through age, gender, and hobby genre. After understanding the user's portraits, many major brands can create their own Playlist for that group of customers or sponsor playlists by theme, music genre, or season or event. Advertising messages will be personalized and customized to the right audience, every moment and need.

So the decision to run an Audio Ads campaign with the new Google Ads technology makes it easy to create compelling audio ads on a large scale Whether listening to podcasts on drive, streaming music while walking or using voice with smart speakers, several times a day to reach users through sound. The user-friendly interface provides tools for creating professional-quality, high-quality advertisements, regardless of technical expertise. So, Marketers, let's start to test the effectiveness and experience.

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Ly Nguyễn (Lexy Nguyen)