Is open bidding the best revenue optimization solution?

Is open bidding the best revenue optimization solution?
1. Open bidding:

Open bidding is a feature that allows users to invite third-party partners who want to buy inventory with a bid form, whoever pays the higher will close the bidding with that party. This is real-time bidding from a computer server in a single auction. It also provides simple management, reporting, and payment options right within Google Ad Manager (GAM).

2. Open bidding or header bidding?

There are disagreements about whether to use open bidding or header bidding, some people find it more convenient and faster to use open bidding, others say using header bidding is more professional and easier to manage. But really, which bidding to use should be based on the size of your website or app.

The purpose of bidding is to enable publishers with quality websites and/or apps to secure higher-priced positions. When your website has low traffic, obviously your revenue is also low. But when your website grows to a certain time with stable traffic, but the revenue is still low, then you will definitely need to reconsider your advertising provider. And that is why header bidding was born with the purpose that publishers do not need to change advertising service providers, but service providers have to offer the highest price to be displayed ads on that position. of the page. Similarly, Google's expansion of bidding with open bidding to meet other needs of the market. Header bidding is not suitable for new publishers to use because this auction method requires a lot of precision. In addition, the higher ad display latency because of having to get information from many parties is also one of the reasons why you should consider when choosing header bidding or bidding methods for your inventory.

Netlink now supports publishers to use open bidding to increase revenue optimization without much effort. Please leave an email below the article for the earliest support.

Unlike its brothers, open bidding is the method you should choose if you are not very experienced in bidding or just starting to use ad providers to make money thanks to its ease of implementation. Depending on your needs, you can choose to tag or choose to implement the SDK on your website or app to start using open bidding. In GAM, this feature also reduces the usual latency and overcomes both of the major drawbacks of header bidding. In addition, this feature also helps publishers to find and find suitable advertisers through large exchanges with many advertisers. This is especially beneficial for small publishers to seize the opportunity to maximize their revenue. Because the open auction has few criteria and conditions to participate in the auction, all advertisers and publishers can participate with an unlimited number of auctions. With unlimited revenue potential, demand will never run out on open exchanges, so there is no territorial restriction for this form of bidding.

3. Open Bidding Partners:

In addition to open bidding, publishers can use Ad Manager in tandem with mediation. This means that when an auction is opened, the profit partners in open bidding and mediation can be included in a common and competitive profit pool.

For exchange partners that have configured Open Bidding, two types of support can be bid: display ad support and video ad support.

  • Display advertising support:

  • Support video ads

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